Your Small Business Marketing Campaign Bombed, Now What?

So you ran a marketing campaign for your small business, and it didn’t go as planned. In fact, when you tallied up your results you lost a bundle of money. Now what? What can you do to make your next small business marketing campaign a success?Give this short article a read where I’ll show you a quick 3-step checklist to make sure your next campaign is a winner.3 Ways To Turn Your Next Small Business Marketing Campaign Into A Raving Success:1. What’s Your Offer?This is the most important part of any marketing piece be it a sales letter… a newsletter… a Google PPC campaign… or anything else you try. What your prospect gets when they respond to your piece is utmost in their mind. So make sure you put the best offer you can afford in your piece even if you lose a little on that first sale.2. Who Are You Targeting?Second in importance is who you are marketing to? So let’s say you own a car wash business and you are trying to sell car washes to people who just had their car washed. How well do you think your campaign will turn out? Chances are you’ll have a stinker since your audience does not need or want a car wash.On the flipside, what if you tried to sell a car wash to someone with a new car, who just drove for 2 hours in a mud storm? Don’t you think this person would be interested in getting their car cleaned?The point I’m trying to make is to be sure you market to someone who is likely to buy whatever it is you sell. Otherwise, the best marketing piece in the world will bomb.3. Are You Crystal Clear?It is very difficult to get someone to buy when they are confused. Which is why you must make sure your small business marketing piece is crystal clear.Two clear points you must make are:What your target gets and for how much money? A good rule of thumb is to have a 7 year old read your marketing piece to see if they understand it. If they do, then it’s clear. If they have trouble, then you should tweak something so it reads smoother. Think like you are writing to Homer Simpson. How would you say something to get Homer excited enough to get off the couch, and buy from you?There you go.Three questions you can ask yourself to improve your next small business marketing campaign for better results.

Why Small Business Marketing “Cheaters” Always Get Caught

If you are trying to sell any kind of product or service, then the name of the game is being able to get and keep new customers buying from you. And to be able to do that, you need to have the marketing skills to attract the right kinds of buyers to your business.But…Where do you get those marketing skills?Who do you listen to for marketing advice?Good questions. And in today’s article I’m going to shed some light on this by talking about something I call “marketing cheaters”.Here’s the story:Last week I got a sales letter in the mail from a guy selling a $10,000 annual coaching service. I almost laughed when I read the letter.Why?Because the guy makes claims bigger than Shaquille O’Neal. And yet he doesn’t have the marketing chops to back them up. He’s what I call a marketing “cheater”. He’s read a few books. He’s attended a few marketing seminars. He’s bought himself into a few marketing inner-circles. And that (in his mind) gives him the right to dub himself an “expert”, and ask for people to pay him $10,000 for his advice on marketing.Problem is…He can’t do marketing. And that’s obvious in his sales letter.Let’s look at this from a different angle:What if someone read a few books about medicine and then claimed to be a medical doctor?Would you trust your health to someone like this?Or…What if someone read a few books and attended a few workshops on dentistry and then claimed to be a wizard with teeth?Would you trust your cavity filling in the hands of this person?I hope not.So why is marketing any different?Why do marketing consultants think they can blow smoke and someone will buy it?Why do so many marketing “gurus” try to shortcut the long and painful road to success?I can’t say for sure. It’s probably tied to money.The good news is this:The market always has a way of eventually figuring fact from fiction. People are not dumb, blind sheep that can be led to slaughter by some High School Harry who is claiming to be something he’s not.So how can you make sure you are getting small business marketing advice from someone who truly does “know their stuff”?It’s simple:1. Ask to see their samples.And…2. Ask to talk with their clients they’ve achieved results for.These two things will protect you from getting “taken” by a small business marketing cheater.

Small Business Marketing Online – How Not To Break The Bank

When considering the return on investment, or ROI, for your small business marketing budget, keep in mind that the internet reaches many more people than newspapers do. You might be set up in Charleston, but clients could be ordering your cloth diapers or handmade light fixtures from Dubai. How does this happen? There are lots of ways to get the most out of online marketing, many of which are free.Although it costs money to sign up with a web host, services provided for a monthly fee will often include website design. It is always a good idea to create a good first impression on the web by having a skilled web designer create your page. Once your site has developed a reputation for being eye-catching but also sensibly organized, word of mouth will spread and customers will come calling (or emailing). But how do you get eyeballs onto this beautiful website you had created? Without proper search engine optimization, your online marketing efforts will fizzle. Although it would be altruistic for your company to provide the viewing public a beautiful website, the viewing public more than likely found you because they were searching for information. So optimization means you provide the search engine “spiders”, who crawl the web identifying what each page is about, the correct information that tells the spiders that, yes, our page is about ____________; you fill in the blank. We’ll call it Metal Wobblies for now. If you have done this correctly, then any customers wanting to buy Metal Wobblies enters the search term, the spiders have already identified that your page is about Metal Wobblies, only about Metal Wobblies, and all about Metal Wobblies, and guess what? There you are on the first page of the search engines for Metal Wobblies. See how easy small business marketing is?Other free online marketing tools include social media sites. We all know it’s important. But very few of us know how to apply it to our small business marketing efforts online. The great thing is that Twitter, Facebook, Digg and others allow consumers to post their news and promotions for free. It is hard to find a company that does not have a Facebook page or a link to Twitter these days, and there is a good reason for this. It is a way to acquire ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ who pass your company name on to their ‘friends’ online. Writing a blog is also a simple way to get your message across. Use WordPress or a similar system, often supplied by your web host for little or no extra cost. Here you can write short articles using search engine optimized terms to increase your chances of appearing on search engines when internet users type in their “terms of curiosity”. What are your customers curious about that your business would be glad to supply them with?If you want to focus your small business marketing on a certain region, consider local online marketing strategies such as posting details with city websites. These carry business information and/or local events and update an easy-to-use calendar that individuals easily browse. There might be a cost, but your company name will gain exposure in your town where word spreads fast.Before a small firm obtains a web host or a social media account, it is important that a company create an online marketing plan. This starts in a ledger or with special software, leading to a budget for money and time. Even though Facebook et al. are free, they are still time-consuming if they are to be used effectively. There are companies who you can see are making an effort at maintaining a social presence but instead it looks more like High Noon in Hadleyville with Gary Cooper looking for a friend – someone, anyone, who will friend them, like them, +1 them, retweet them. (Don’t be that company.) It really makes sense to hire an expert who knows the in’s and out’s of social media and small business marketing, and who will know how to bring your fans running. They can do it all, on all social media sites, or since this is about how not to break the bank, they can concentrate on one type of social media – Facebook, for instance – and make a fan page for your business of which you will be proud.