Small Business Marketing Tip: Is Some Better Than No Marketing?

Most business owners understand that they need to do some marketing. Counting on people walking by your store or hoping for referrals can leave you stuck in survival mode, or worse. You can’t just hope people will make a purchase today, so the feeling of putting “something” out there for fresh prospects to engage with can be nearly overwhelming.You might have considered any of the following (or maybe you have been doing some of these for years):
Sending out a newsletter
Mailing out a sales letter to a fresh list
Creating a new website
Putting more time into your Business Page on Facebook
Have flyers dropped
After all just sending out a newsletter gives you a chance at business right? Or, maybe as that person came to their car and saw your flyer they surely would want to call. Or maybe that web designer you spoke to a few months ago was right and people aren’t engaging because your website is out of date.As sales have tightened in a number of industries many people are pushing to do anything that will shock prospects into taking action. The real question becomes thoughIs Some Marketing Better Than Doing Nothing?In some cases it certainly can be better to do nothing. When you don’t have a specific marketing strategy in place, sending out a few 100 newsletters isn’t going to save the day (it’s just going to waste your hard earned money).Before launching any marketing piece (whether you have been doing it for years or are just starting something new) ask yourself the following questions:
How many prospects do I need to call (or visit your store) to make a sale?
What will I change if it doesn’t work as I expected?
Why would a prospect want to take action?
How can I separate myself from the competition?
Marketing isn’t something you “do” just because you have done it in the past your competition is doing it. In order to drive sales daily your marketing should systematically deliver fresh opportunities from emails, phone calls, to even in store visits. Take a hard look at what you are doing with your marketing and never again will you have to say “well it’s better than doing nothing”.To break through tired habits and put marketing into action that will actually bring in leads and sales, start today with my small business marketing manifesto to help you get to the level you deserve.