Small Business Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the heart of every business. Marketing is your business. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. You can also describe marketing as Advertising and Advertising as Marketing. If your marketing strategy is not written down, extensively planned, structured, and executed, your business will probably fail. Having the right product or service at the right price is not enough to succeed: the right people have to know about your product; why they specifically need your product and not that of your opposition. Customers do not want you to tell them what to buy; you should tell them why they should buy your product.They do not want you to tell them that a specific product is the best; you need to tell them why it is the best. You need to tell them what the product can do for them; provide the customer with the benefits of the product. Your business is about what your customer wants, not about what you want them to have!Always focus your attention on specific customer groups. Example: If you are a wholesaler of food, you marketing group would be the owners of supermarkets, shops, etc.If you are a manufacturer of household cleaning products, your focus would be every person that has a home to clean. It also has to be in the language and tone that suits the target market. It must be sold by people who use it every day and can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the product. In the case of cleaning products, physically show them how it cleans a dirty carpet, stove, etc.Make sure that people are not confused when you market your product, your product must leave a clear picture in the customer’s mind as to the benefit of using it.Make sure that your customer experiences your business as professional. Your customer’s first impression of your business and product must be a lasting impression.It is a proven fact that about 95% of people do not complain about a product, they just never buy it again. It is also said that it takes 6 times more money to attract a new customer than to keep a current customer happy.Satisfied customers generate new customers for your business. The following example explains market strategy:There is much hype about all the powerful cleaning products on the market. When advertising a product, manufacturer’s state that no single product can provide optimum performance on all surfaces and soils, a broad range of products must be used to clean efficiently and easily.This is not always true. This is only an attempt from the manufacturer’s side to get a greater slice of the market and to increase profits. A lot of products have many uses. However, the name, label, look, colour and smell of the products are changed so that it seems that the same product is a totally new product.What people are really buying is the advertising hype that surrounds the product as well as the smell and packaging of the product.